Great article on what a DMM does – American Way magazine

Yes, we are Daily Money Manager's (DMM). Still not sure what we do? Check out this great article titled Money Matters in the February 15, 2013 edition of American Way magazine.  It highlights the services of our colleague in Austin, TX, Elizabeth Ball. We had to chuckle as the stories are spot on! While we do have clients all across the country, most are in the Orange County, California area where we live. Contact us to see how we can help you!   … [Read more...]

QuickBooks: Change Your Sales Tax Rate

If you live in the grand state of California, our sales and use tax went up by 0.25% on January 1, 2013. If you collect sales tax you will need to make a quick change in your QuickBooks file to accommodate this. The three things you need to do are: Add a new Item for the increased sales tax. (May be more than one if you do business in multiple districts.) Make the old Item(s) inactive. Change your Preferences to use the new item. If you need detailed instructions, see these … [Read more...]

Be prepared for an emergency

Are you prepared for an emergency? September is National Preparedness Month sponsored by FEMA. (No matter what month you are reading this it still applies!) Will you be ready if an emergency or natural disaster happens like an earthquake, flood, tornado or wildfire?  The question should really be not “if” but “when”. While most of us might not live in an earthquake or tornado area, a house fire can erupt at any time. The US government has prepared some fantastic resources on their website at … [Read more...]

Pull Your Taxes Together Faster: 3 Tools To Help You Be More Organized

Like most people, you recently received a thick packet from your tax preparer that needs to be completed and returned along with copies of documents so they can prepare your tax returns. The “documents” keep arriving in the mail and if it even hints at being “tax-like” you save it…somewhere. I’ve never heard anyone be excited about getting their tax information together. Most people delay up until the last possible moment. They hunt around for everything in the “somewhere” pile and are not … [Read more...]

Inexpensive Tool to Help You Remember

With such busy lives, it's hard enough to remember day-to-day what happened in your life. If you have aging parents, at some point you begin to step in more and more in their lives. We often get asked for an easy system to help with remembering all the details, conversations and tasks we have with our parents. Now don't laugh. We find this very effective - and inexpensive too. It is a simple spiral notebook. You can get one for a just a few dollars at any store that sells office … [Read more...]