How to handle the bank account after someone dies

After someone dies, do not rush out to close their bank account right away. As the person, winding up their affairs, it will make your life much easier. Many financial transactions are auto deposited into a bank account and it will be easier if the account is open to receive these funds. In addition, some companies will want a refund for monies given and will debit (take back) the money automatically, making your job easier. You WILL need to notify the bank by bringing in an original death … [Read more...]

Inexpensive Tool to Help You Remember

With such busy lives, it's hard enough to remember day-to-day what happened in your life. If you have aging parents, at some point you begin to step in more and more in their lives. We often get asked for an easy system to help with remembering all the details, conversations and tasks we have with our parents. Now don't laugh. We find this very effective - and inexpensive too. It is a simple spiral notebook. You can get one for a just a few dollars at any store that sells office … [Read more...]

Finding transportation assistance for seniors with disabilities

Who can you call when a wheelchair bound senior needs a ride to their medical appointment and you as the caregiver are no longer able to lift them in and out of the car?  Or the senior can't drive themselves to any place (like a senior center to get meals, or the grocery store, hair salon and so on) and transportation assistance is needed? It's fairly easy to a call taxi when the person isn't wheelchair bound and is fairly ambulatory. But when the senior needs more assistance, where do you … [Read more...]