Learning to Tighten Your Belt

Small business owners...notch your belt! (If you're not a small business owner then this applies to your personal finances.) With the continuing economic crisis in America, you can certainly say that our financial situation is a bummer. No one is even sure when the down-slide will stop. It’s enough to lead a person to do things they know aren’t right! I know for our family and my business, it’s made me stop and take another serious look at what we’re spending. Reconsidering our spending … [Read more...]

QuickBooks: Change Your Sales Tax Rate

If you live in the grand state of California, our sales and use tax went up by 0.25% on January 1, 2013. If you collect sales tax you will need to make a quick change in your QuickBooks file to accommodate this. The three things you need to do are: Add a new Item for the increased sales tax. (May be more than one if you do business in multiple districts.) Make the old Item(s) inactive. Change your Preferences to use the new item. If you need detailed instructions, see these … [Read more...]